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starlord wrote in heroes_stamping

About You…
Name: Maarit
Nicknames or Aliases: Tyler [online] and Maape
Gender: Female
Same Gender Stamp? Doesn't matter. The votes are based on personality, right?
Age: Eighteen
Location: Finland
A Snippet From A Song That Suits You Well: "Or should I just get along with myself? I never did get along with everybody else."
Your Favorite Quote: "God is cruel. Sometimes he makes you live."
Likes: Movies, DVDs, books, long scarves, food, glasses, mugs, flea markets, video games, clocks, horror stories, accents [especially British, Irish and Russian], noses, notebooks, stripes, sound of the rain, ticking of clocks, nature, photography, walking, piercings, English, Finnish, the color orange, Pedrina's, LiveJournal, Paint.NET, making lists, organizing things, random facts, supernatural things, phobias, personality disorders, mental disorders, serial killers, insanity, originality, cake, rainbows, rain, short hair, boxers, baking, stockings, pale skin, enjoying little things, mozzarella cheese, Pokémon video games, rainy days, being alone, walking around barefooted, shotglasses, using words that aren't real words, Rock Band.
Dislikes: Being told what to do, the taste and smell of coffee, alcohol, children, homophobes, people who do something just because "everyone else does it too", feeling sick, being sick, headache, pain, throwing up, fainting, spiders, loud sounds, shopping for clothes, being woken up when I'm tired, going to sleep when I'm hungry, not being able to fall asleep, bright lights, sunlight [when there's too much of it], being the center of attention, elevators, things that are thrown at me, summer nights, people [in general], sleeping late, not being listened to, drunk people, cell phones, text messaging, heat, dresses, skirts, loud people, people who need to be the center of attention, prejudice, vanity, people who consider themselves better than others, gossip.
Talents: I'm good at English. I have a very wild imagination. If someone has an interesting personality and I like their actions, I find them physically more attractive as well, and even if someone would be very good-looking but their personality doesn't match their looks, I am not physically attracted to them. I've been told I'm artistically talented, both as a drawer and a writer. I like doing things with my hands, and I like to think I'm pretty good at it. Also, even though I'm often too indecisive and I don't know what I want, I almost always know what I don't want and tend to be very stubborn about it.
Hobbies: Collecting DVDs, watching movies, reading, writing, drawing, listening to music, taking photographs, playing video games, eating, [occasionally] cooking.
What Do Your Friends Like About You? I've been told I'm smart, nice, sweet [I always want to snort at that one], fun to be around and one of my friends says I have an addicting personality. I like to think I'm loyal to my friends, and the one thing they don't know is that even though I don't like most of them [seriously, I rarely like people], I still care very much about all of them equally, even though I never show it and would never admit it.
What Do You Like About Yourself The Most? Probably the fact I'm not a "herd" person. You know, a lot of people do things they don't want to do just so they fit in because they can't stand being alone and they need the contact from other people. I like the fact I can say no if I really don't want to do something even though everyone else would be doing it, and even more the fact that I can get along with myself and I don't need other people in order to have fun.
It’s Late At Night and You Have No Work to Do. How Do You Busy Yourself? Usually I listen to music I'm into at the moment and jam to the beat, or sketch while half-watching whatever is on TV. I also tend to read, watch movies, surf on the web.. whatever it is I feel like doing at the moment.

A Little Deeper…
What do you believe is your ideal career? Someday I'd love to make my living by writing and acting in horrible B-Class horror movies
What were you like as a child? Genuinely happy, quiet, keeping mostly to myself. I liked playing alone and I often used my imagination to amuse myself. I remember this one summer when I was obsessed with Indiana Jones, so I ended up running around the yard pretending I was him.
Are you satisfied with your life? No.
Someone kills someone who was important to you. How do you react? I'd probably be shocked and/or numb, but I'd get over it. I wouldn't go on a vengeange spree and start hunting down the killer, but if I were to run into them accidentally, I'd confront them about it. I wouldn't kill them, unless they provoked me and my temper got the better of me.

Your Favorites…
Favorite Book(s)? Stephen King: Dreamcatcher, John Steakley: Vampire$, Stephen King: The Shining, Patrick Süskind: Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Thomas Harris: Red Dragon, Robin Jarvis: The Deptford Mice trilogy, J.K. Rowling: Harry Potter series, Stephenie Meyer: The Twilight Saga
Favorite Movie(s)? Brokeback Mountain, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sauna, The Boondock Saints, Go, Fight Club, The Blues Brothers, From Dusk Till Dawn, Reservoir Dogs, Shoot 'Em Up, Sleuth, Four Rooms, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, The Road to El Dorado, Cursed, Deep Blue Sea, Dead Silence, The Blair Witch Project, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Moulin Rouge!, Amélie, Army of Darkness, Small Town Folk, The Mummy, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Hellbent, Rest Stop, The Breakfast Club, Doom, Die Hard, Stranger Than Fiction, Rain Man, Grimm Love, The Hard Way, Ten Inch Hero
Favorite Artist(s)? The Killers, The Baseballs, Kaiser Chiefs, Kate Nash, Gavin DeGraw, Billy Talent, Meat Loaf, Green Day, My Chemical Romance
Favorite Music? I listen to anything that sounds good.
Favorite Place(s)? Anywhere peaceful where I can be alone and feel safe.
What is Your Favorite Childhood Memory? Nothing comes to my mind, honestly. I didn't have the worst possible childhood [though if you ask me, no one should have the kind of childhood I did], there just isn't anything especially good worth mentioning. Bad things overpower the good ones.

About Heroes…
Who is your favorite character on the show and why? Probably Sylar. It's because 90% of the time I'm rooting for the villains, I was very fond of him the first second I saw him, plus I love the fact when he learned he had supernatural powers his first thought wasn't "omg, I'm gonna save the world".
If you’ve ever followed the graphic novel, who is your favorite character from it? Never read it.
Which character can you imagine yourself hanging out with? Zach. He just seems like the kind of guy I'd get along really well.
If you could have any power from the show, what would you have? Sylar's ability. Mmm, brainnnnssss.
Mr. Muggles - Is he a hero or a villain? Is this a trick question? He's a double-agent, no doubt about it.
Who would you clash with the most if you were a character on the show? Probably the Haitian. My memory's already bad enough, and I don't need anyone to make it worse.
You are able to go to dinner with one of the characters and have a nice, in-depth conversation. Who is it? Peter Petrelli.

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I'm going to say Adam Monroe. Your favourite quote totally reminded me of what he must of thought when Hiro trapped him underground. And, I'm sure Adam did have a nice in-depth conversation with Peter, even if they probably didn't go out to dinner (My God, that would have been so funny, though.)

Yes, Adam. The quote tells it. ;)

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