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Baby, it's only evolution.
evil ☛ lucas lee ( nazi? well see )
whomever wrote in heroes_stamping

About You…
Name: Pink (I prefer not to give out my real name to perfect strangers.)
Nicknames or Aliases: ... Pink. Occasionally Sprint or Tom (Twin Mind One) to close IRL friends.
Gender: Female
Same Gender Stamp? I super don't care.
Age: Eighteen
Location: Canada
A Snippet From A Song That Suits You Well: Good lord, I don't know! I don't spend long amounts of time wondering what random song by a band who has no idea who I am is applicable to me.
Your Favorite Quote: "I am as bad as the worst, but, thank God, I am as good as the best." - Walt Whitman
Likes: I love writing, language, wordplay, puns, reading, learning things I'm interested in, when things are neat and tidy, bright or nice clothes, the internet, video games, dancing (just randomly, not choreographed or lessons or anything), singing (see: dancing), happy music, musicals, books, being around friends, being alone. I like learning new things about my friends and having meaningful conversations. I like optimists, polite people, good friends, the kind of people who stop rumors. I like outgoing people too.
Dislikes: I abhor writer's block, poorly written anything/everything, open verse poetry, random humour, effortless humour (quoting Superbad and expecting to be considered clever), heavy drugs, tattoos (on myself), stupid questions, unironic hypocrisy, people who pounce on people who use the word "hate" lightly despite knowing they don't really mean it. I don't like people who take their lives for granted, people who take their friends for granted, preachy religious or preachy anti-religious people.
Talents: I'm very polite, personable and nice. I like meeting new people and try to like everyone I come in contact with. I give people the benefit of the doubt (usually), I'm trusting despite having a lot of shit thrown on me by previous best friends. I'm optimist and happy, I like being helpful. I dress well, I'm confident, original and witty. I can be serious and silly in even quantities, and I'm logical and mature. I'm a good-hearted person but I don't take shit.
Hobbies: See Likes. I really don't see how those two are any different.
What Do Your Friends Like About You? See Talents. Gosh, this is getting extraneous.
What Do You Like About Yourself The Most? My sense of humour.
It’s Late At Night and You Have No Work to Do. How Do You Busy Yourself? Write.

A Little Deeper…
What do you believe is your ideal career? Novelist.
What were you like as a child? Very shy, very much a misfit.
Are you satisfied with your life? Currently? It's all right. I want a job, though. I would like to get out more and meet new people.
Someone kills someone who was important to you. How do you react? I just went through a death, but thank god it was natural. There would be a lot of mourning, and I'd want the guilty party to pay. I don't think I'd ever be rash enough to go after them myself, but I wouldn't stand idly by either.

Your Favorites…
Favorite Book(s)? Alice's Adventures In Wonderland (because that's what the book is called, damn it)... You know, it's easier to list what books I don't like. Twilight, most Sarah Dessen novels, most slice-of-life teen novels. I like books with a mix of romance but where romance is not the main motivator; fantasy novels that feature heavy world-building and realistic characters. I'm a big fan of modern fantasy and just plain weird concepts.
Favorite Movie(s)? The 10th Kingdom, 28 Days Later..., A Knight's Tale, Batman: The Movie, Les Choristes, Coraline, Corpse Bride, Dogma, Dr.Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Hard Candy, Hot Fuzz, Iron Man, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Love Actually, Mirror Mask, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Red Eye, Stardust, Watchmen
Favorite Artist(s)? I don't really have any favourite artists, but if I could recommend one person to google, it would be Chelsea Lewyta.
Favorite Music? A Fine Frenzy, Amanda Palmer, Anna Nalick, Beck, Bond, The Bravery, Dandy Warhols, Dear And The Headlights, Dresden Dolls, Emily Haines, Feist, Franz Ferdinand, Hush Sound, Kate Nash, The Killers, Laura Marling, Lily Allen, Lovage, Maria Mena, Maroon 5, Metric, Mother Mother, Nerina Pallot, Stars, Superbus; SOUNDTRACKS&MUSICALS • Avenue Q, Cats, Coraline, Corpse Bride, Disney Musicals, Doctor Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, Fable, Josie And The Pussycats, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Wicked
Favorite Place(s)? A clean, modern house; Montreal, Quebec; a bonfire; anywhere after the first snow of winter.
What is Your Favorite Childhood Memory? I can never think of these under duress. I suppose it would be window shopping with my mother and seeing this adorable beanbag mouse and wanting it so badly, and then waking up with it under my pillow the next morning. For years I was convinced that the Easter Bunny and Santa had teamed up to put it there. It was not near April or December, I don't think, but that was the logical assumption at the time.

About Heroes…
Who is your favorite character on the show and why? I have a few favourite characters, and I generally like them all. Season one Sylar and Claire were fantastic: Sylar was not overly complicated and burdened with all these conflicting retcons, and Claire was the perfect blend of confident and lost. Currently, I suppose my favourite has been Tracy, for coping with all the changes she's been dealt and becoming totally badass. I will always love Elle, because at least they killed her before they could finish screwing her up. I miss season two Maya.
If you’ve ever followed the graphic novel, who is your favorite character from it? I've only read a few issues. I liked Hana Gitelman until she slept with someone for information - it seemed crassly out of character and completely unnecessary.
Which character can you imagine yourself hanging out with? Zach from the first season. I know we'd get on. Recurring character? Hiro and I would be BFF's, and Matt when he's not being all broody. I would love to hang out with Adam.
If you could have any power from the show, what would you have? Peter's, of course. That's the most logical answer. Were I restricted to one and incapable of totally godmoding, then either cellular regeneration or eidetic memory.
Mr. Muggles - Is he a hero or a villain? I refuse to dignify this question with an answer.
Who would you clash with the most if you were a character on the show? Sylar and his goddamn daddy issues, or anyone extremely self-entitled.
You are able to go to dinner with one of the characters and have a nice, in-depth conversation. Who is it? It seems like I've been asked the same question three times. I'd like to talk with Hiro about video games and comic books, but if I wanted a really substantial, deep conversation, I'd like to talk to Adam or Angela, I suppose. Actually, Mohinder would be less condescending, so let's go with him.

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Likes: I love writing, language, wordplay, puns, reading, learning things I'm interested in, when things are neat and tidy, bright or nice clothes,...

Sounds to me like Claire. The Mr. Muggles - answer, too. :)

Muggles answer VERY Claire

I agree with the others. Definitely Claire.

I see a resemblance to Claire all throughout your application.

You are definitely like Claire!

Claire mostly because of the comments in the talent part.

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