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pinkified wrote in heroes_stamping

About You…
Nicknames or Aliases: Saku.
Gender: Female.
Same Gender Stamp? Yes, please.
Age: Sixteen.
Location: Saint Petersburg.
A Snippet From A Song (or two) That Suits You Well:
I think I’m drowning
I wanna break this spell

That you’ve created

Your Favorite Quote: 'It has been said something as small as the flutter of a butterfly's wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world.' - Chaos Theory (also a title card of my favorite movie); You can't just go and fix the wrong things you've done, in the end they'll turn out to be even greater mistakes. You should just learn to move on.
Likes: Happy people, most of all! Sweets, balloons, soap bubbles, warm & funny stories, day concerts, celebrations, hugs, smiles, meeting new people, the smell of vanilla, comfortable rooms, the color pink, having new awesome ideas, not being alone, candyfloss, pop corn, ice cream, summer rain, fluffy snow, plushies.
Dislikes: BUGS, smoking, drugs, alcohol, girls trying to be boys (no. I don't dislike it. Actually, I hate it. And the opposite of it never exactly made me a happy person), gay love, unfairness, having a bad academic progress, being left alone, boiled vegetables and etc.
Talents: I'm a fast learner, but if I don't care about the subject, I just forget everything easily. I'm also very smart and understanding, which helps people around me a lot. I know when to shut up and leave someone alone and when to cheer them up. Also, if I want, I can manipulate my way of a certain hard situation. Oh, and I always had a natural good punctuation and sense of style.
Hobbies: Reading, surfing the teh internetz, design, drawing, collecting just about anything I like.
What Do Your Friends Like About You? I'm understanding and talk a lot about things they like, I guess. At least they say so :)
What Do You Like About Yourself The Most? I'm easy to be with, I rarely bother myself and others with unnecessary things.
It’s Late At Night and You Have No Work to Do. How Do You Busy Yourself? I'd probably just read a book, since I have a lot I need to read. Or go to kitchen to eat something delicious xD

A Little Deeper…
What do you believe is your ideal career? Something creative, but not too grand. I would love being a stylist for some famous person or a designer of a small fashion line.
What were you like as a child? I was a drama kid, haha. My emotions was bright and I cared for everyone and everything. I always smiled and seen the best of everything. Althrough it was hard to notice at first, I was actually a strong kid who could get through anything. And lastly, I was stubborn as hell. I also never cried because of pain.
Are you satisfied with your life? Pretty much, but I do whine a lot... haha.
Someone kills someone who was important to you. How do you react? Like this, pretty much. (Yes, I can be scary too)

Your Favorites…
Favorite Book(s)?
Harry Potter series, almost everything by Meg Cabot, Little Women, Howl's Moving Castle, Naïve. Super, A Little Princess.
Favorite Movie(s)? Penelone, Gossip, Cruel Intentions, Twilight, Corpse Bride, Sleepy Hollow, Romeo + Juliet, She's the Man.
Favorite Artist(s)? :)
Favorite Music? Rock, pop, alternative, drum-n-bass, country.
Favorite Place(s)? Home sweet home! I also like being in cinemas and cafes~
What is Your Favorite Childhood Memory? I... don't remember anymore! xD I was a pretty happy child, so everything was exciting to me :)

About Heroes…
Who is your favorite character on the show and why? I absolutely adore Elle, she's the most amazing Heroes character ever. I like that she can have fun, I like that she's not completely evil, it's just how her life turned out. I love complex characters like her!
If you’ve ever followed the graphic novel, who is your favorite character from it? Nope, I've only seen the TV series.
Which character can you imagine yourself hanging out with? Mr. Muggles! :D (c'mon, he counts as a character!)
If you could have any power from the show, what would you have? Regeneration, because you can do whatever the hell you like without being afraid.
Mr. Muggles - Is he a hero or a villain? A villain, if you can't see it you're blind! ♥ Okay, joking... he's just cute, the cute doesn't need side-picking.
Who would you clash with the most if you were a character on the show? Noah Bennet, I would just dislike him. You know, he creeps me out somehow, even though he's good.
You are able to go to dinner with one of the characters and have a nice, in-depth conversation. Who is it? Mohinder, because it seems like he's kind of confused and needs to be told that is good and that is bad.

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I'm seeing quite a lot of Claire in you.

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