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The Evolution Is Coming
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just_chiara wrote in heroes_stamping

About You…
Name: Chiara
Nicknames or Aliases: just_chiara, Celebel
Gender: Female
Same Gender Stamp? Either is fine.
Age: 21
Location: Italy
A Snippet From A Song That Suits You Well: We're too young for regrets from "Would you believe?" by Your Favorite Enemies
Your Favorite Quote: It's times like these we learn to live again, it's times like these we give and give again, it's times like these we learn to love again, it's times like these time and time again from "Times like these" by Foo Fighters.
Likes: TV shows, alternative rock/metal music, live concerts, London, pizza, fantasy sagas, black clothes.
Dislikes: Ignorance, children, homophobia, non-justified text.
Talents: I can speak three languages (Italian, English and Spanish).
Hobbies: Writing and reading fanfictions, building websites, using Photoshop, RolePlaying.
What Do Your Friends Like About You? I don't know, you don't like a person just for one or two things. I couldn't say why I like my friends, not without talking for hours, and it's the same for them I guess.
What Do You Like About Yourself The Most? I'm good under pressure.
It’s Late At Night and You Have No Work to Do. How Do You Busy Yourself? Chatting, RolePlaying and watching TV shows. Usually all at the same time. Multitasking FTW.

A Little Deeper…
What do you believe is your ideal career? I'd like to work in the discographic industry, possibly organizing concerts.
What were you like as a child? Really really shy.
Are you satisfied with your life? All in all, yes. I've worked hard for this, but right now I can really say I don't regret any choice I made in the past. Each one of them, even the wrong ones, made me who I am now and I like who I am now. There are a few things which are not perfect, of course, but that's life and it wouldn't be fun if it was perfect, would it?
Someone kills someone who was important to you. How do you react? I want revenge. I want their life ruined forever.

Your Favorites…
Favorite Book(s)? "A Song of Ice and Fire" by GRR Martin.
Favorite Movie(s)? Requiem for a Dream.
Favorite Artist(s)? Victoria Frances.
Favorite Music? 30 Seconds to Mars, Foo Fighters, Within Temptation, Muse, Your Favorite Enemies, King of Leon, My Chemical Romance, Rammstein, Nighwish, Lacuna Coil, Linkin Park, Bon Jovi.
Favorite Place(s)? London and Berlin.
What is Your Favorite Childhood Memory? Afternoons spent at a park near my house with my best friend.

About Heroes…
Who is your favorite character on the show and why? Even though I'm tempted to say Peter or Sylar, for completely different reasons of course LOL, in the end I think I'll go with Elle as favorite character. Completely screwed up, never knew a normal life, never really loved. She was cool, she kicked ass.
If you’ve ever followed the graphic novel, who is your favorite character from it? I am waaaaaay behind in reading it, but anyway. Wireless was a great character.
Which character can you imagine yourself hanging out with? Elle. Or Zack.
If you could have any power from the show, what would you have? I'd like Hiro's power. I would be scared of using time-travel, I'd probably be the cause of the Apocalypse. But teleportation would be just so useful. Telekinesis or invisibility would kick ass too.
Mr. Muggles - Is he a hero or a villain? He's the ultimate villain, of course. Him and his evil power of finding sandwiches will take over the world soon. You just wait.
Who would you clash with the most if you were a character on the show? Claire. I'd be the one telling to grow the fuck up and stop acting like she's the center of the world. No more whining or my BFF Elle will make you wish you could die, y/y?
You are able to go to dinner with one of the characters and have a nice, in-depth conversation. Who is it? Peter. And I have to say I'd probably fall for him after two minutes. Dreamer with hero-complex and family issues, puppy eyes and talks of changing the world, are deadly weapons for my weak defences.

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Nathan Petrelli the whole app suits him.

Good under pressure. Vindictive. Telling Claire to grow up (THANK YOU). You like characters who aren't "normal".

I think you're Angela Petrelli.

Because of the song snippet I'd vote for Elle.

Telling Claire to grow up makes me want to vote Mr. Muggles, oddly enough. I think you're more of an Angela Petrelli, though.

Angela Petrelli without a doubt!

You're Angela Petrelli especially with what you said in 'Are you satisfied with your life?' part.

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